You are a poem.
In Her Honor

I’m not too fond of religion,
with so many rules about how to live your only life,
or endless lives and it just doesn’t make sense to me.
But I’m starting to believe that maybe sense isn’t very useful when you’re talking about things that don’t exist in our reality.
I don’t believe that there’s a place after here,
maybe thats wrong,
maybe I’ve doomed myself for ever muttering those words.

I’m not too fond of watching him cry,
his tears start as ripples, but in a blink of an eye,
there’s a tidal wave pouring out.
But its so quiet it haunts me.
And maybe that’s just how it is, you know?
Maybe pure sadness doesn’t have sound,
completely hidden if you weren’t actually looking for it,
but no one looks for sadness, right?
Cause you’re suppose to look up when you walk,
at least thats what I’ve been taught.

I don’t think sadness sits well in his stomach,
and I’m sure it tastes like bile when he speaks,
and the moment he looked at me and said,
“Shes going to be okay.”
We both knew it wasn’t me he was trying to convince,
but I get it, he had to say it out loud,
it wouldn’t be real if it stayed in his head

but religion isn’t my thing,
but I’ve read the Bible,
and the old testament too.
And it says God will forgive the unbelievers,
for we are just nieve.
So, if hes there and this is true then,
“Forgive me, but I know her faith is with you, so in her honor take mine too.
Because she’s his world,
and I can’t let that crumble.”

I guess we get desperate when the one we love seems to be breaking,
and I can practically hear his heart metaphorically caving.
So, when its your turn to play saviour,
I guess sense doesn’t always play a huge roll in causing miracles.
So, in the unknown I’ll rest my head,
with an easy breath.

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people who don’t like pizza are people who you don’t need in your life

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My first ultrasound done at 9 weeks :) I’m 11 weeks now and in 9 more weeks I have my next ultrasound that will tell me the gender of my perfect baby :) I’m too excited. T

Everyone is dying lately and it makes me sad.

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Bedroom Scene 35mm by The Paul Reid on Flickr.

untitled by judy, on Flickr.